In which I learn about work and life by walking up a mountain

I recently took some time out to go hiking up a mountain. The climb was steep. Near the midpoint of the mountain, the path became rocky, and at some points seemed nearly vertical.

Blazes leading vertically up a rock

Rocky path

I scrambled for miles up the path. This was difficult for me, partly due to nerve damage and muscle atrophy after a dislocated knee and broken leg that makes it difficult to “feel” where my foot is in space. I’ve always disliked the idea of being thought of as disabled and gone out of my way to avoid it, even going so far as to run (okay, jog and walk) through two marathons, even though I routinely fall on runs more than a few miles.  So I managed to make it to the summit. There I saw a rocky spire.

A rocky spire extending to the sky

Dragon’s tooth

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Library day (week) in the life: technology, communication, collaboration, and engagement

This blog entry is part of the Library Day in the Life Project coordinated by Bobbi Newman. I thought of four themes to emphasize about my week to help readers understand what a job in an academic library might be like: technology, communication, collaboration, and engagement.


Institutional Repositories

VTechWorks, an institutional repository, was recently started at Virginia Tech.  An institutional repository is designed to be the place where the university stores, preserves, and provides access to digital files related to its mission.  These files can include academic papers by professors, images of campus through the years, student projects, and videos of events.

We made some minor changes to the way that VTechWorks appears; a facelift of sorts.

VTechWorks before the change


VTechWorks after the change


The changes are mostly cosmetic; some people may even prefer the old version.  So why change at all?

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