Eddie from Ohio is not from Ohio

I’ve spent much of my fun time for the past week on a pilot project, trying to get our repository, VTechWorks, to allow videos stored there to play on new iPads and modern Android phones.

Video in VTechWorks

Video in VTechWorks

It’s been tricky. First, the digital video landscape has changed significantly in the few years that I last looked at it. Second, the DSpace software, while a great option for institutional repositories, was designed over a decade ago, largely with text-based file formats in mind.  It was made to be able to store any filetype, but it wasn’t created to serve video files inline, especially not to these devices that hadn’t been invented yet.

I’m learning a lot.

  • Video is tricky. The computer person at YouTube probably stays busy
  • We should probably just upload our videos to YouTube and let them handle everything for us
  • Eddie from Ohio is not from Ohio!

Here’s a link to the web page with the video that gave me a clue.


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